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The View- Stroppy frontman brings an abrupt halt to proceedings at the Bongo Club

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Bands need a strong frontman; one who can engage with and entertain the audience at gigs. A commanding singer who can hold the audience in the palm of their hand is, more often than not, the making of the most memorable live acts. The View, in this respect, have a problem.

Singer Kyle Falconer is a mixed bag. When they are on form, the 22-year old is an asset loved by the band’s devotees. But when things go wrong, it’s normally something to do with Falconer. This was the case during the band’s last showcase in Edinburgh, when he was barely able to speak after drinking too much before a gig. The same reason led to an early departure at another date in Nottingham.

Tonight’s gig is pitched as an exciting preview of the Dundee band’s third album at the packed-out Bongo Club. Despite opening with their debut single ‘Wasted Little DJs’, the plan is to stick to the testing of new material, delving into the lesser-known album tracks before finishing with some crowd pleasers.

And for the most part, it works. This is an impressive first outing for the new material, performed with confidence and impeccable timing. Third albums often prove tricky as bands try out previously-uncharted styles with mixed results for loyal fans (see Franz Ferdinand), but the tracks showcased tonight reaffirm that The View have a talent for producing material that follows the formula that won them their fan base, without sounding worn or repetitive.

But again it was Falconer’s temperament that meant the show ended in disappointment. After being hit with a plastic cup Falconer claimed was ‘piss’, the band rushed through ‘Shock Horror’ before storming off having been on stage less than an hour, and with 5 songs left on the set-list. Bassist Kieron Webster tried to defuse the situation, but the rest of the band had no choice but to follow when the frontman decided that he’d had enough.

Despite telling the crowd to blame the offending thrower, it was another letdown for the band’s faithful followers. A quick change of top might have been enough for most, but Falconer was clearly in no mood to return.

So while The View exhibit their strengths with their new material, Falconer once again showcases their main weakness. Very few bands can maintain a dedicated fan base with a frontman who does more damage than good, and this could prove to be The View’s downfall.


Written by Nick Eardley

April 19, 2010 at 1:41 pm

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